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2x Palo Santo with gemstone - rose quartz
  • 2x Palo Santo with gemstone - rose quartz


    Away with the negative vibes?

    The bundle was put together with a lot of love and is best suited as a gift for yourself or a loved one.


    Palo Santo:

    ♡ stimulates the imagination

    ♡ calms and balances

    ♡ gives security

    ♡ against negative energies


    Rose Quartz Obelisk:

    ♡ has a protective effect

    ♡ strengthens self-esteem

    ♡ helps against heartache

    ♡ promotes inspiration


    This listing is not a promise of a cure.


    Palo Santo means sacred wood in German.

    The sacred tree is found in South America - especially in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. There, the wood has always been used for medicinal and ritual purposes. It is said that evil spirits detest the scent of Palo Santo, which is why the wood is also very suitable for room and house cleansing.

    Since the wood contains a lot of resin, it can be easily smoked by holding the wood at one end and lighting it at the other.

    When smoking Palo Santo, it is convenient to have a fireproof bowl nearby in case the wood needs to anneal a bit.

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    • Incense

      The coloration of the gemstones may vary as this is a natural product.

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      Used items cannot be returned.

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