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Copper Incense Bowl - Chakras

Copper Incense Bowl - Chakras


♡ 75mm diameter ♡ 50mm height ♡ Perfect for carrying

This beautiful bowl is made of copper. It is ideal for ritual incense burning or as a mixing bowl for various herbs. It also serves well for decorative purposes and storage.

For incense burning, it is recommended to fill the bowl with sand and place a quick-lighting charcoal on top. Once the charcoal has fully ignited, you can then spread the herbs for burning on it.

Chakras are understood as subtle energy vortices found both inside and outside the human body. These are found in various practices such as Ayurveda, meditation, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), yoga, and more. Even in the field of bioenergetics and the Alexander Technique, chakras appear.

The knowledge of the seven chakras is based on numerous traditions passed down from culture to culture. Different approaches are known from Tibet and India, among others. In the European context, the knowledge of chakras was lost due to Christianization. It wasn't until recent centuries in Celtic culture that figures like Rudolf Steiner and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe revived and reintroduced the topic of chakras.

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