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Incense Burner Aroma Lamp Soapstone
  • Incense Burner Aroma Lamp Soapstone


    This enchanting incense burner was crafted with exceptional attention to detail by skilled artisans in Agra, in the northern part of India. Made through a fair production process, it features carefully selected soapstone known for its unique properties.

    Each incense burner is one of a kind, characterized by its individual coloring and artistic craftsmanship. The handmade uniqueness makes each burner a work of art.

    Versatile and practical - An incense burner for many purposes: What sets this incense burner apart is its versatility. It's suitable not only for use with essential oils but also perfect for our Moonshine Oils. If you prefer a more intense aromatic experience, you should consider ordering Moonshine Oils Elixir.

    Additionally, it comes with a sieve ideal for burning herbs and resins. This allows you to enjoy multiple applications with a single product.

    The healing properties of soapstone: Soapstone is not just aesthetically pleasing; it is believed to have soothing and harmonizing effects on the senses. These properties were recognized by Hildegard von Bingen and documented in her works. For millennia, cultures around the world have valued soapstone as a precious material for carvings and artworks.

    With the Moonshine Oils 2 in 1 incense burner and aroma lamp, you're not only bringing home a handmade work of art but also a piece of timeless tradition and the energy of soapstone. Immerse yourself in the world of aromas and incense, guided by this unique incense burner.

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      The coloring of the gemstones may vary, as this is a natural product.

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      Gemstones which have not been treated with care will not be taken back.

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      After payment receipt, within 2-4 working days.

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