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Moonshine Oils: The picture shows an oil harmonised with the energies of the moon phases. The vials glow in soft colours and are surrounded by a magical aura. This image embodies the connection between natural essences and the rhythms of the universe.

Moonshine Oils

The handmade Moonshine Oils are for all connoisseurs.

Gemstones: The image shows a stunning selection of luminous gemstones in various colors and shapes. The stones shine in the light and carry an aura of mysticism and beauty. This image embodies the diversity of nature and the deep connection between gemstones and spiritual meaning.


The gemstone necklaces are something very special.

Incense burner aroma diffuser: The picture shows an artfully designed incense burner, which can be used as an aroma diffuser at the same time. Delicate wisps of steam rise and combine with the aesthetic design of the teapot. This image embodies the fusion of fragrance and design for a harmonious atmosphere in your room.

Incense Burner

The incense burners can be used to vaporise essential oils and incense.

Herbs: The picture shows a colorful variety of carefully selected herbs arranged on a rustic wooden table. The plants exude freshness and naturalness. This image embodies the connection to the earth and the versatile use of herbs for culinary, medicinal and spiritual purposes.


Various dried herbs, woods and resins.

Incense accessories: The picture shows a harmonious arrangement of incense tools, including incense charcoal, incense bowls and fragrant herbs. The utensils exude an atmosphere of preparation for spiritual rituals. This image embodies the essence of incense and the combination of aromas, intention and ceremony.

Incense accessoires

Everything else you need for smudging.

Incense blend: The picture shows an artfully composed mixture of aromatic herbs and resins. The various ingredients are arranged in a bowl and radiate colors and textures. This image embodies the diversity of the incense tradition and the art of composing scents for spiritual practices and relaxation.


Delicious herbal mixtures and even more...

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