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Ceremonial Handpoke Logo: Das Bild zeigt das fein ausgearbeitete Logo von Ceremonial Handpoke, das eine harmonische Verbindung von kunstvollen Handpoke-Tattoos und spirituellen Zeremonien darstellt. Die Gestaltung spiegelt die tiefe Symbolik und die transformative Energie wider, die in jedem Tattoo und in jeder Zeremonie steckt.
Welcome to Soulflow Tattoo, where the ancient art of handpoked tattoos meets the profound essence of ceremonial magic. This brand embodies a harmonious blend of nature's beauty, mystical symbolism and the transformative power of paganism. The studio is about 20mins from St. Gallen and 5mins from Lustenau (AT) by car.
Thank you for visiting and supporting my work, it really means the world to me.

A Sanctuary for Art, Ritual, and Transformation

Nestled in the picturesque Canton St. Gallen, just a five-minute drive from the highway, lies the haven of creativity and transformation – the Soulflow Tattoo Studio. Situated right next to a breathtaking forest, the studio offers a serene escape into the embrace of nature's beauty. Your journey begins here.
Tattoo Studio: Das Bild zeigt einen Blick in ein Tattoo-Studio, in dem Kreativität und persönlicher Ausdruck aufblühen. Die Atmosphäre ist geprägt von kunstvollen Wanddekorationen, gemütlichen Sitzgelegenheiten und einem Ort der Inspiration für handgefertigte Tattoo-Meisterwerke.
Step into the Soulfow Tattoo studio, and you'll be enveloped by an ambiance of warmth and comfort. Every corner is thoughtfully designed to create an inviting atmosphere that soothes the senses. This is a space where you can relax, connect with your inner self, and embark on a journey of self-expression.
Alchemisches Zeichen für Element Wasser: Das Bild zeigt das alchemistische Symbol für das Element Wasser. Dieses Bild verkörpert die tiefe Verbindung zwischen alchemistischem Wissen, symbolischer Bedeutung und den Elementen der Natur.
Crafted by Intuition, Infused with Meaning

I believe that tattoos are not just ink on skin; they are deeply personal expressions of one's journey, essence, and connection to the universe. My handpoked tattoos are more than just art – they are a conduit for self-discovery, growth, and healing. Each design is intuitively created, working in collaboration with your energy and aspirations.

Alchemisches Zeichen für Element Feuer: Das Bild zeigt das alchemistische Symbol für das Element Feuer. Die Form erinnert an eine aufsteigende Flamme, die Energie, Transformation und Leidenschaft symbolisiert. Dieses Bild verkörpert die tiefe Verbindung zwischen alchemistischem Wissen, symbolischer Bedeutung und der kraftvollen Energie des Feuers.

The Ritual of Transformation

The tattooing process is not just a service; it's a sacred experience. I infuse every tattoo session with a special ceremony, honoring the ancient traditions of ritualistic body art. This ceremony is designed to align your intentions with the universe, inviting positivity, healing, and personal evolution into your life.

Alchemisches Zeichen für Element Luft: Das Bild zeigt das alchemistische Symbol für das Element Luft. Dieses Bild verkörpert die tiefe Verbindung zwischen alchemistischem Wissen, symbolischer Bedeutung und der leichten Energie der Luft.

Nature's Influence and Magical Symbolism

Nature is my ultimate muse. The designs are deeply inspired by the intricate patterns of the natural world, reflecting the interconnectedness of all living things. Magic symbolism and pagan elements intertwine seamlessly within our creations, weaving tales of spiritual awakening and empowerment.

Alchemisches Zeichen für Sonne: Das Bild zeigt das alchemistische Symbol für die Sonne. Eine kreisförmige Form mit einem inneren Punkt repräsentiert die leuchtende Energie und das Licht der Sonne. Dieses Bild verkörpert die tiefe Verbindung zwischen alchemistischem Wissen, symbolischer Bedeutung und der lebensspendenden Kraft der Sonne.

Beyond the Machine, Embracing the Soul

Unlike machine tattoos, the handpoked technique is a gentle, mindful process that embraces the essence of soulful connection. With less pain and more authenticity, I take the time to ensure that each stroke resonates with your spirit. The result is not only a stunning piece of body art but also a symbol of your inner journey.

Alchemisches Zeichen für Element Erde: Das Bild zeigt das alchemistische Symbol für das Element Erde. Ein umgekehrtes Dreieck mit einem horizontalen Strich darin repräsentiert Stabilität, Fundament und die Verbindung zur Materie. Dieses Bild verkörpert die tiefe Verbindung zwischen alchemistischem Wissen, symbolischer Bedeutung und der Erdverbundenheit.

Connect with Your True Self

Step into the realm of Soulflow Tattoo and embark on a journey that celebrates your uniqueness, honors your past, and illuminates your future. Soulflow tattoos are an invitation to delve into the realms of nature, magic, and self-discovery, all while embracing the ancient art of handpoked tattooing.

Unveil the tapestry of your soul with Soulflow Tattoo, where art, ritual, and transformation converge.

Alchemisches Zeichen für Mond: Das Bild zeigt das alchemistische Symbol für den Mond. Eine Mondsichel, die nach links geöffnet ist, repräsentiert die wechselnden Phasen des Mondes und seine mystische Bedeutung. Dieses Bild verkörpert die tiefe Verbindung zwischen alchemistischem Wissen, symbolischer Bedeutung und der Einfluss des Mondes auf Natur und Spirit.

A Path of Growth and Healing

Soulflow Tattoos are more than skin deep; they are catalysts for personal transformation. Through the artistry and the intention behind each design, I aim to provide you with a visual reminder of your inherent strength and the infinite possibilities for growth and healing.


Verbindung: Das Bild zeigt zwei Hände, die sich berühren und miteinander verbunden sind. Diese zarte Geste symbolisiert die Bedeutung von Beziehungen, Bindungen und menschlicher Interaktion. Dieses Bild verkörpert die Kraft der Verbindung und die gemeinsame Reise von Menschen, die sich miteinander verbinden.
Connection is the invisible thread that weaves hearts and souls together, transcending distance and time.

Tattoo Appointment Request

Preferred Appointment Days

This is only an appointment request.
Depending on the size of the tattoo, a deposit of CHF 50, CHF 100 or CHF 200 will be required for the confirmation of your appointment. This payment can be made via Twint or wire transfer. It will be deducted from the end price on the last tattoo session. If you do not show up, do not cancel on time (48H before the appointment), or change your tattoo idea after the design is already made, you will lose the deposit. 
By paying the deposit you accept the above mentioned conditions.

Thanks for submitting! I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Handpoke Aftercare

If you find yourself uncertain about any of the instructions below, or if questions arise, or even if you encounter any healing issues with your tattoo, don't hesitate to reach out to me immediately for assistance.

After our tattoo session, I apply a transparent second-skin dressing, ensuring its splash-proof and breathable nature.

It's perfectly normal to observe some smudgy ink beneath the dressing's surface within 24 hours.

Three days post-application, it's time to gently remove the dressing. Opt for a shower and warm water to peel it off smoothly.

In the event that the dressing comes off earlier, resist the urge to replace it with cling film. Allow your tattoo to breathe, avoiding clothing coverage. In this case, begin moisturizing with balm after the first day.

Once the dressing is off, start a routine of washing your tattoo with mild soap and warm water, both in the morning and evening. Pat it dry gently using clean tissue or a soft towel.

Embrace a thrice-daily moisturizing ritual using the natural tattoo balm I'll provide. It's vegan-friendly, but do let me know about allergies to ensure suitability.

Be vigilant against scratching or unnecessary irritation, granting your tattoo the space to breathe freely.

For three weeks, refrain from swimming or immersing your tattoo in water. In the initial week, avoid vigorous workouts to prevent bacteria from infiltrating your healing tattoo.

Shield your tattoo from intense, direct sunlight for the initial three weeks. In sunny situations, cover with clean bandaging or clothing until it's fully healed. After this period, always apply factor 50 sunscreen on your tattoo when exposed to the sun.

Your tattoo will achieve complete healing within 3-4 weeks. I'd love to see its final splendor – please share a picture via WhatsApp or email once it's healed!

Should you require any touch-ups after a month, rest assured they are offered free of charge, provided your diligent care is evident.

Your tattoo's vibrance is our shared achievement – nurture it with care and witness its enduring allure.

Handpoke Tattoo FAQs

What is a handpoked tattoo and how is it different to machine tattooing?

Foregoing tattoo machines, I utilize professional, sterile, single-use needles, meticulously applying ink dot by dot. This method, echoing ancient practices spanning millennia, resonates with my passion for heritage preservation. Many find the process comparably less discomforting, even though its deliberate nature extends its duration. These handpoked tattoos, cared for diligently, parallel the longevity of machine tattoos. Emanating both history and artistry, each tattoo encapsulates a legacy upheld through time.

What do healed handpoked tattoos look like?

The appearance of your tattoo a month post-healing typically endures over time. The ink on any tattoo made in any method will always ever so slightly spread as it settles into the skin. The tattoos embody the beauty of imperfection, serving as bespoke handcrafted artworks gracing your skin. 

Should you observe any 'drop out' during the healing process, where ink fades, I provide a free touch-up session to ensure your satisfaction.

How long do they last, are they permanent?

Yes, hand poked tattoos are permanent.

Does it hurt?

The sensation is often likened to tiny, repetitive plucking or gentle pricks, rather than the intense burning associated with machine tattoos. Many find this experience relaxing, even soothing enough to induce sleep. While the sensation can intensify with the tattoo's size, duration, and placement, it generally remains far more manageable than machine tattooing.

Is the ink vegan?

The black ink I utilize is entirely vegan. Furthermore, I'm committed to minimizing plastic usage, incorporating biodegradable surface covers and tools whenever feasible.

Can I do sports after my tattoo?

Aside from swimming, you're free to resume your regular activities once the dressing is removed after 3 days. Yet, I'd recommend avoiding intense, sweaty exercise for about a week, allowing your tattoo time to heal. Listening to your body and being mindful of its needs will ensure optimal healing and the best outcome for your tattoo.

Can I bring someone with me?

While you undergo your transformational journey, your guest is free to enjoy leisurely strolls, immerse themselves in a book, or simply come and go as they please. The process may take some time, so this arrangement ensures their comfort. To enhance your experience, I kindly request that you inform me in advance if anyone will be accompanying you. This helps me ensure a seamless and accommodating environment for all.

Can I get tattooed with a friend?

Sharing this experience with a friend adds an extra layer of meaning and fun! When you're ready to book, just indicate in the booking form that you'd like to come with a friend. Please be aware that there might be some waiting time involved during the tattooing process. To ensure your comfort, I recommend bringing along some snacks and refreshments, as there aren't any nearby shops or eateries for quick bites. This thoughtful preparation will help enhance your shared experience even further.

Soulflow Tattoo Journey

Soulflow Tattoo Zeremonie: Das Bild zeigt eine eindrucksvolle Szene, in der eine Soulflow Tattoo Zeremonie stattfindet. Dieses Bild verkörpert die Verbindung von künstlerischem Ausdruck, persönlicher Transformation und spiritueller Bedeutung in einer einzigartigen Zeremonie.
  1. Personal Intent and Vision
    Your journey begins with your unique intent and vision. Every tattoo at Soulflow Tattoo Studio is a personalized reflection of your story, symbols, and aspirations.

  2. Tailored Size and Placement
    Your tattoo's size and placement are thoughtfully chosen to harmonize with your body and design, creating a seamless fusion of art and form.

  3. Consultation via Contact Form
    Initiate your journey by reaching out through the contact form on Share your ideas and any intentions tied to the image you want to embody.

  4. Depth of Intention
    Explore the intention behind your chosen image and share it through the contact form. This profound insight becomes the heart of your design, infusing your tattoo with deeper meaning.

  5. Refining Your Vision
    At your appointment, we'll spend around 30 minutes refining your design together. Your ideas and preferences shape the final masterpiece.

  6. Ceremonial Connection
    The tattoo experience is more than art – it's a ceremony. Begin with breathwork, meditation, or a serene tea ceremony, creating a soulful connection between us and the art.

  7. Individually Crafted
    Your session is entirely unique, as I create something special for you based on our connection and your energy. This custom made approach ensures an exceptional artwork.

  8. Caring Aftercare
    Wear the special tattoo plaster for 3 days, then gently remove it under the shower. Our optional soothing cream offers further comfort. Read here for more aftercare informations. 

  9. Complimentary Touch-Ups
    Your satisfaction is paramount. Any touch-ups needed after healing (wait at least 4 weeks) are provided for free, ensuring your tattoo stands the test of time.

  10. Clean, Animal-Friendly Environment
    The studio maintains a clean, animal-free tattoo room. Our cats, dog, and ducks reside separately, allowing you a serene and focused experience.

  11. Flexible Pricing
    Prices per hour range from CHF 60 to CHF 80, allowing you to choose a rate that aligns with your ability to pay.

  12. Hygiene and Safety Priority
    Your well-being is our standard. We adhere to stringent hygiene and safety protocols, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment.

  13. Timelines Tailored to You
    Your journey's pace is individual, shaped by the creative process and your feedback.

  14. Testimonial: Sara's Heartfelt Artistry
    "Sara is a captivating artist whose touch resonates with hearts. Her diverse talents and inspirational presence are a true gift. With knowledge, experience, and intuition guiding her, Sara's wisdom shines through her work. Quickly, I felt comfortable and secure in her presence, a testament to her warm authenticity. Through Sara, I discovered a wonderful experience, led by her genuine, heartfelt approach."

Your journey at Soulflow Tattoo Studio is an authentic exploration, weaving your intentions into a unique masterpiece.

Verbundenheit von Personen: Das Bild zeigt zwei Menschen, die sich berühren und so verbinden. Diese herzliche Geste symbolisiert die enge Beziehung, Vertrautheit und Zuneigung zwischen Menschen. Dieses Bild verkörpert die tiefe Verbundenheit, die zwischen Individuen entstehen kann, und die Wärme von zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen.
Das Bild zeigt eine symbolische Darstellung von Feuer und Luft als Elemente der Verwandlung. In der Mitte des Bildes lodert eine leuchtende Flamme, umgeben von schwebenden Luftströmungen. Diese Darstellung verkörpert die kraftvolle Verbindung zwischen dem feurigen Prozess der Transformation und der luftigen Energie des Wandels.
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