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About me: The picture shows an individual personality that shines in an atmosphere of authenticity and self-development. With a smile on his lips, the picture reflects the diversity of trainings and passions that this person embodies. This picture tells of a rich life story filled with knowledge, experiences and spiritual growth.

More about WildSoulFlow

My Story

In search of a name that not only reflects my essence but also gives me the freedom to express myself in all my facets, this name was born.


"Wild" symbolises the primal, the natural - it stands for the wild side of life, the connection to the earth, the passion and the joy of dancing barefoot through life.

"Soul" represents the depth that I seek in every conversation. This soul that burns within us is comparable to an unstoppable fire - it is the flame of passion for life and for what moves us. It not only warms our own hearts, but can also ignite and inspire the hearts of others. Soul is also the air that animates our thoughts and ideas. It is the wind that gently blows through our mindscapes, giving them lightness, inspiration, creativity and freedom.

"Flow" embodies flowing, being in the flow - like water taking the natural path. It means listening to our intuition, letting ourselves be carried by the rhythm of life and merging with the cycles of life.

WildSoulFlow is not just a name, but a promise to reflect my authenticity and connection to nature, depth and the flow of life in every aspect of my offerings and interactions.

What do I carry in my backpack? Besides all the depth and meaning I value, I also pack a refreshing dose of realism. My heart beats for exchanging ideas with people of the most diverse generations, always learning something new and authentically following my own path. This balance between reflection and lively interaction is what makes my journey so diverse and fulfilling.

2021 - Today

Self-study Handpoke Tattoos with Internships

  • Training at Custom Art Tattoo

  • Internships with Lyia Kian (it started with a dot)

  • 200h+ self-study and practice

  • Hygiene and disinfection training at Tattoomed Academy

  • Specialist wound care at Tattoomed Academy


Art therapy practitioner training


  • Psychology, some basic concepts

  • Brain, neuroscience and art therapy

  • The development of art therapy

  • Colors, consciousness and meditative practices

  • Art therapy and medical conditions

  • Different conditions for different audiences

  • Organizing a session

  • Artistic media and activities


Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Training

goddessceremony withCassandra Wilder

  • Online Opening Circle, The Sacred Feminine, The Power of Women Gathering, Introduction to sacred practices, the Red Tent​​

  • Understanding the Goddess Archetypes, Sacred Feminine Leadership, the Wisdom of the Moon Phases, Emotional Intelligence, Cyclical Living

  • Creating a Sacred Women's Circle, In person facilitation, Online circle facilitation, Sacred Energy Exchange, Energy Protection

  • ​The Art of Holding Space, Sacred Tools to use in Circle Part 1, Ceremony, Working with Crystals

  • ​Sacred Tools Part 2, Leading with Potency, Releasing + Shedding, Living the Path of the Creatrix

  • ​Growing your Circles, Magnetizing your Community, Memberships vs. Sacred Circles, Creating a Sacred Online Presence

  • Calling in your Community, Letting your wounds be your wisdom, Sacred manifestation, Embodying a legacy

  • Birthing your Sacred Circles, Sacred Leadership, Weaving everything together for a Transformative Circle

2020 - 2021

Mentalcoach and Meditation Teacher Training

​Shivarocks with Sandra Schneider

  • Theory & structure of the mind

  • Influence of the effects on our lives

  • Neuropsychology introduction

  • Bringing mindfulness into our lives

  • Experiencing balance, coming to rest, stillness, basis of basic trust - Mindfulness based techniques

  • Theory & structure of the heart (emotions & thoughts) - Emotion management

  • Openness of the heart, loving relationships

  • Inspiration & Devotion to Life

  • Compassion practice techniques, letting go, forgiving - Perception techniques

  • Yin & Yang energy techniques

  • Creating a flow field

  • Building & holding energy field

  • Mediality & meditation - perception & expansion of abilities - learning protection techniques

  • Initiating processes & transforming the old

  • Recognising & promoting potentials

  • Psychological support in meditation processes - Dealing with obstacles

  • Dharma (the life task)

  • Karmic processes

  • Target manifestation - alignment of energy

2020 - 2021

Yoga Teacher Training 500h+

​Shivarocks with Sandra Schneider

  • Introduction & Philosophy Shivarock's Yoga Style

  • Traditional vs. Modern Yoga (East meets West)

  • Mental training & self-reflection / building a meditation practice

  • Mind/body correlation from modern psychology & neurology

  • Shivarocks Yoga Basics - basic postures, flows, Pranayama
    (breathing technique), meditation, relaxation

  • Art of Teaching Yoga - teaching methodology/didactics

  • Art of Sequencing - lesson structure & theme.

  • Alignment - alignment of body and mind. Theory of anatomy and movement anatomy.

  • Adjustments - corrections & assistance. Body-work. Here you will learn how to guide into the asana in an anatomically correct and sensible way,

  • to make adjustments with the help of props.

  • Living your yoga - how to change your life and inspire your environment. From the mat to the street.

  • Nutrition, Sport & Yoga

  • Deeper philosophy behind modern yoga - introduction to Yoga Sutras (Patanjali Sutras)

  • Stress management

  • Energetics & Intention in Yoga

  • Deepening physiology & anatomy

  • Movement Psychology / Transformation Asanas

  • Shivarocks Yoga Advanced - extension of teaching & creative sequencing, advanced techniques

  • Yoga Specialties I Intro - Therapeutics (back pain, burn out, cardiovascular)

  • Yoga Specialties II Intro - Kids , Prenatal (Pregnancy), Yin/Yang Style

  • Art of Teaching - how do I maintain my creativity / health / work life balance?

  • Life Balance? The daily life of a yoga teacher.

  • Yoga as a Business

2015 - 2017

Dance Pedagogue Training

Tanzform Konstanz with various instructors


  • Dance Technique 

  • Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance, Contemporary Dance, Release Technique,

  • Urban Dance Technique, Gaga Technique

  • Dance improvisation

  • Contact improvisation, Laban, Expressive Arts, Instant Composition

  • Children's dance education

  • Youth work and dance

  • Urban dance styles

  • Choreography, composition and design

  • Dance theatre

  • Anatomy in movement

  • Contemporary dance 

  • Theory
    Basics of psychology in dance education, methodology & didactics in dance education, dance history, composition, music analysis

2014 - 2016

Aerial Instructor Training

Matchless Zug, X-Pole

  • Aerial Silk, Hoop, Trapeze & Pole

  • Didactic basics

  • Methodical Know How

  • Rigging

  • Music theory and choreography

  • Anatomy

  • Training theory

  • Leadership skills

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