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Experience meaningful and profound moments of reflection, transformation and connection. In a world often characterised by hustle and bustle and distractions, Sacred Ceremonies offer a space of calm and mindfulness. These ceremonies can take a variety of forms, from ancient traditions to modern interpretations. During a Sacred Ceremony you have the opportunity to connect with your inner wisdom, let go of old patterns and create space for the new. Regardless of your spiritual background or beliefs, Sacred Ceremonies offer an open space for personal growth, self-discovery and healing.

Women's Circles

Women's Circle: The picture shows a group of women sitting in a circle and sharing in a supportive atmosphere. Candles and spiritual symbols create a warm environment for conversation and fellowship. This image embodies the importance of women's circles as places of empowerment, connection and mutual support.

dive deep into your womanhood

A wonderful meeting in a familiar setting. There, where you give space to your own feminine facets in a sensual and gentle way and come closer to yourself as a woman.


The image shows an ancient figure of Venus surrounded by an incense shell with rising smoke. This scene combines artistic beauty and spiritual elements symbolizing femininity and incense. This image embodies the combination of archaeological significance and spiritual practices from different ages.

connection to nature

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of incense and herbs or take part in a workshop in which I may participate.


Blessingway: The image shows a lovingly designed scene where a Blessingway ceremony is taking place. Women gather to honor and support an expectant mother. Flowers, candles and rituals create an atmosphere of connection and positive energy. This image embodies the depth and meaning of Blessingway ceremonies as beneficial rituals for pregnancy and birth.

step into motherhood

You are pregnant and want a beautiful ritual with your family and friends before the birth? Let's put together something beautiful individually.

I spontaneously let my friend invite me to a women's circle, a very good decision; this experience has enriched my life. I have never participated in a meditation before - since the women's circle I regularly go into myself, take time to relax and meditate. Sara is an incredibly pleasant, loving and personable woman to boot. All in all it was a great and very valuable experience. Thank you again for this unforgettable experience.


Women's Circles

At the moment there are no fixed women's circle dates available. Would you like to participate in a women's circle? I am happy to offer an individual Sacred Circle in Berneck for groups of 5 or more. Just contact me.

Every women's circle is something very personal and special, a protected place where masks (are allowed to) fall, where one listens to one's inner voice, where one may also simply come into one's own peace. Follow your call and be part of it. 

Decide for yourself how much CHF you can give at the moment, a cash desk is on site. Places are limited.


The meeting place is in 9442 Berneck and will take place indoors, outdoors or combined depending on the weather. 
More information will be given after registration. 


Online women's circles are held via Zoom. After registering, you will receive a link with which you can participate in the meeting. The prerequisite is a working camera and Zoom installed (mobile phone / tablet / laptop / PC).


Please register using the contact form below. The registration is binding. 

Falls kein Termin ausgeschrieben ist, kannst ich ab einer Gruppe von 5 Personen einen individuellen Sacred Circle sehr gerne in Berneck anbieten. Kontaktiere mich einfach.

I found it very beneficial to be accompanied by you and the other two women that evening. You lovingly prepared and guided us through the evening with your positive energy and enthusiasm. The singing bowl meditation did me good and I always find the exchange about the reflection questions valuable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Incense Workshops

The burning of aromatic plant parts has accompanied mankind for a long time, because it served all cultures and peoples, among other things, to cleanse living spaces and stables or to heal the sick. Nowadays, the art of incense burning has almost been forgotten, but the hectic pace of our times brings us all closer to this peaceful ritual again.


Choose from a variety of different herbs, spices, resins and flowers and mix your own incense blend.

There are no fixed dates available at the moment. You would like to create your own incense blend? I can offer an individual Sacred Circle in Berneck for groups of 5 or more. Just contact me.


Each workshop is independent from the other and lasts about two hours. There is a huge selection of herbs as well as an introduction to incense. Together we will also find the intention for your personal incense blend and connect with what Mother Nature gives us. 


Cost: CHF 50.00 - CHF 70.00 for two hours workshop - you decide on the spot what it is worth to you and what you can give right now. Places are limited.


The meeting point is in 9442 Berneck and takes place indoors, outdoors or combined depending on the weather. 
More information will be provided after registration. 


Please register via the contact form. The registration is binding. 

Full of joy, I smouldered my homemade incense mixture on 31 October. It serves to let go and helps to welcome the new. At her incense workshop, Sara accompanied me in my transformation into a herb witch. With all my senses and a large portion of intuition, I was able to create my very own incense blend that not only smells great, but also looks beautiful. Sara has the ability to tap into the mysterious side of a person and I would like to thank her for that, it was a wonderful experience.



The transition from being pregnant to becoming a mother should be celebrated. In the circle of your own friends I will accompany you through a beautiful ritual that will give you love, protection and strength for the next stage of life. 
Celebrate life and feel the connection to yourself, womanhood and child. Let the nurturing feminine power and the connection to Gaia, Mother Earth, come alive in you. 

What awaits you? 

  • Arrive and come into peace

  • Attunement and honoring of all mothers & miracles of pregnancy

  • Wishing ritual & gratitude meditation 

  • Feel the community

  • Finding your inner strength

  • Adornment & welcome ceremony

  • Snacks & drinks 

For whom is such a ceremony suitable?
For pregnant women about 4-6 weeks before birth and their friends, sisters and mothers


The origin
The Blessingway is originally a traditional Navajo Indian ritual to wish happiness, health and blessings. Instead of the more familiar Baby Shower, the Blessingway ceremony is performed during pregnancy to celebrate the transition from womanhood and being pregnant to motherhood. Unlike the Baby Shower, however, the focus is not on material gifts, but on honoring the mother-to-be through a beautiful ceremony and an empowering community of other women.

Possible ceremonies:

Purifying the place and the spirits of those present with incense.

Introduction of those present: Each participant gives the names of her female ancestors in addition to her own.

Painting the belly of the pregnant woman with henna or finger paints 

Relaxing, worry-relieving massages for the pregnant woman or foot baths with flower water

Bracelet and candle: each person present puts on a piece of string as a bracelet and takes home a candle. When the child is born, the bracelets are cut and positive thoughts are sent to the mother. With a wish for mother and child, the candle is lit.

Making your own or sharing an incense blend

Sharing of memories / stories

Making flower wreaths (with which pregnant women and guests decorate themselves)

Postpartum letter

Dream catcher with wishes for the birth / for the child

Giving strength-giving words with rose petals to expectant mother


I will gladly cut something suitable according to your wishes. Please contact me via the contact form or write me if you have any questions. I look forward to you. 


Please fill in all details truthfully. See you very soon, I look forward to it!


Danke für's Absenden!

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