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Here you will find answers to many questions that are asked again and again about wildsoulflow.


What is a women's circle?

The women's circle has always served women as a protected space where they could simply be themselves without having to play a role. That of the mother, the daughter, the partner, the lover or whatever. In the women's circle, women were and are allowed to simply be women.
In fact, the women's circle has an ancient tradition. For thousands of years, women have been meeting, exchanging ideas, listening to each other, supporting each other, being there for each other, celebrating, laughing and crying together.

What do you do at a women's circle? 

Every women's circle is different - even mine. Of course, it also depends on the participants and the framework program.
Usually there is an introduction, then meditation, exchange and almost always a creative part that strengthens intuition.
It is important to me that the participants feel good all around and can work on themselves. In being together with other women, they also realize that they are not alone with their problems.
Within a very short time a wonderful connection and a unique exchange develops. Walls and shells are allowed to come down and thus strangers become friends.

What is a cocoa ceremony? 

The cocoa ceremony is a shamanic ritual that originally served to balance the imbalance between man and nature. Today, its main purpose is to help people achieve greater clarity, intuition, self-determination, inspiration, etc., and to release inner blockages. People drink raw ceremonial cacao, meditate, do mindfulness exercises, express themselves creatively, or simply do whatever they feel like. 

Can I also book a single session? 

Yes, a one-on-one session with me is possible. Please contact me by mail and we will discuss the goal of the session in advance. Depending on your needs, elements of yoga, meditation, dance or art therapy can be incorporated. This can be very different and will be tailored directly to you and your needs. 

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