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2x Palo Santo with Gemstone - Amethyst
  • 2x Palo Santo with Gemstone - Amethyst


    Get rid of negative vibes? This bundle was carefully assembled with love and is perfect as a gift for yourself or a loved one.

    Palo Santo: ♡ Stimulates imagination ♡ Calms and balances ♡ Provides a sense of security ♡ Repels negative energies

    Amethyst Obelisk: ♡ Repels negative energies ♡ Provides inner peace ♡ Enhances concentration ♡ Has a calming effect

    The above list is not a promise of healing.

    Palo Santo translates to "holy wood" in English. The sacred tree is found in South America, especially in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. It has been used for medicinal and ritual purposes for generations. It is said that evil spirits detest the scent of Palo Santo, making it ideal for space and house cleansings. Due to its high resin content, it is easily burned by holding one end and lighting the other. When burning Palo Santo, it's practical to have a fireproof dish nearby in case the wood needs to smolder a bit.

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