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Moonshine Smudge - Water
  • Moonshine Smudge - Water


    Water bestows sensuality, creativity, and security:

    Cornflower: Sensuality Sandalwood: Creation Hibiscus: Creativity Birch leaves: Vitality Peony: Devotion Star Anise: Aphrodisiac Daisy: Security Myrrh: Sensuality

    Please note that this listing does not make any healing claims.

    Area of application: In an incense burner or with charcoal in a fireproof container with sand.

    This incense blend was handcrafted from various herbs, flowers, resins, and more. Each ingredient aligns with the qualities of the respective element, with consideration for their placement in the chakra system. Earth represents stability and strength, primal trust, and grounding. Water signifies sensuality, the flow of life, and a connection to life energy. Fire symbolizes intuition, power, setting boundaries, and taking responsibility. Air represents devotion, healing, compassion, and heartfelt joy. Aether stands for individuality, clarity inside and out, and communication.

    Please note that this is a natural product, and the color of the blends may vary. The scent is natural (not perfume-like and not like incense sticks).

    We recommend using an incense burner with a tea light for this incense blend.

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    • Moonshine Smudge

      Please note that this is a natural product. The coloration of the mixtures may vary, and the scent is natural (not like perfume or incense sticks).

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